Sunday, December 1, 2013

The Ultimate Men Cashmere Sweater

Brunello Cucinelli Sweater

The Ultimate Men Cashmere Sweater

Everybody understands that there is a difference in quality cashmere sweaters, bought for $69 or close to $300. Ralph Lauren makes a descent cashmere sweater in the $300- $400 range.

Kiton Cashmere
3 Button Sweater
But the high brands in Italy are charging $850 - $2300 for a 100% cashmere sweater and similar for a cashmere/ silk v-neck or cardigan. Brands famous for their fabrics, especially woven cashmere sweaters are Loro Piana, Luigi Borrelli, Kiton and Brunello Cucinelli.

Brunello Cucinelli

Brunello Cucinelli has become more popular over the last 5 years, especially worldwide.The Brunello Cucinelli men's collection sweaters consist of merely classic styles, nothing too wild. Brunello Cucinelli cotton (very fine fabrics) hooded cardigan seems to be a best seller at $1200 retail. Other popular styles of the Brunello Cucinelli collection are: Cashmere sweaters, Crewneck Sweater (90% Wool 10% Cashmere), V-Neck Sweaters in Wool Blend and 100% Cashmere, and Cardigans. Most Brunello Cucinelli styles are priced from $650 - $1650.

A sample of 40%-50% brand new Brunello Cucinelli sweaters online:


Kiton goes in lots of detail to achieve the finest (and very unique) fabrics and hand stitched almost the whole cashmere sweater. Kiton makes very fine (thin fabrics) cashmere sweaters and cashmere/ silk blend sweaters and v-neck sweaters for the dressy men. Very delicate, but a pleasure for the eye, a pleasure to take in all the sartorial details.

Kiton's sweaters are made (as everything Kiton) in Napoli, Italy. Kiton makes the classic sweater and v-neck in classic dark navy, gray, green and other classic colors. Kiton also produced a good amount of less common designs (thick about Kiton ties which colors and styles are allover). See a gray cardigan and a cream/ dust pink strip v-neck from Kiton. Most Kiton sweaters and cardigans are priced from $1250 - $2950. The Kiton sweaters shown and many more are discounted 65%- 70% now:
Kiton cashmere sweaters SALE.

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