Monday, August 12, 2013

The Kiton Tie

The Kiton Tie

Some people are asking: What is a Kiton tie, What might I expect for approx. $300?

Kiton Tie - Aqua Diamonds Design
Kiton Napoli is a high end manufacturer of men's clothes, all ties, shirts, suits and accessories are made by hand in Italy. Most manufacturing choices go back to ancient (an now time consuming) techniques to make  the tie, shirt and suit the best possible.

The Kiton tie is a sevenfold tie (six fold actually) which means a thicker than average tie which makes a pretty big knot.

Kiton Tie Sevenfold
Kiton Tie - Back Detail Sevenfold
Most of Kiton's silks are printed (vs. woven). Kiton printed silk ties are generally self-tipped, (using the same silk on the back of the tie instead of some other fabric. Jacquard silk Kiton sevenfold ties are generally not self-tipped. All Kiton ties have a regular length which is 58"- 59" long.

Kiton Label
The back of the Kiton tie features the Kiton label on the bottom. Kiton used a black label in the past, current the label in white with Black Kiton text and a red dot. Also the label is hand stitched.

Kiton Tie - Loop
The center back of the Kiton tie has and loop, to put the other end of the necktie through to prevent it from sticking out. The loop is made of silk and hand stitched, using the same fabric.

The very bottom of the end of the tie (tail) has a finishing stitch and is folded very similar to the other side of the tie. Here, when unfolded, can you find the original  "made in Italy" label.

Kiton Tie - Made In Italy Label

The other sartorial detail on the tail of the tie of the tie is the "slip knot" (machine made ties do not have this). This knot will take up the stretch in the tie that occurs during the life of the necktie.

Kiton Tie - Slip Knot
A Kiton sevenfold tie is a feast for the bespoke conscious/ sartorialist. Men whom wear ties for 25+ years want more than just a piece of silk. a real Kiton tie might be the experience the sartorialist is looking for. A $285 Kiton tie (+ tax) might be a good investment. 

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