Monday, June 9, 2014

Ermenegildo Zegna Ties 35% - 55% Off

Brand new Ermenegildo Zegna designs, silk men's neckwear made in Italy. Lots of geometric designs, jacquard silk dotted designs and more: Ermenegildo Zegna Ties.

Some Zegna ties are reduced to just $88.96: view the reduced section on the web site for 60% off Zegna: Zegna Sale, other reduced brands are Valentino, Kiton and Luigi Borrelli.

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Monday, May 19, 2014

The Kiton Shirt

Kiton is one of the top high-end men's clothing designers emphasizing sartorial quality hand tailored men dress shirts, neckties and suits. - bespoke - sartorial - hand made -

The Kiton Shirt

The Kiton dress shirt is a very unique piece of garment, completely hand made in Italy. As you might pay $500- $900 for a Kiton shirt, it's nice to know some details about the shirt to make it worth the purchase! 

Kiton Shirt Collar    
Inside Collar - Back Collar Panel - Sartorial Cuffs Stitch - Mouche, Bottom Sides - Hand Stitched Armholes
Collar Loop
Kiton Shirt, Inside Collar: Loop to hang your shirt, a unique Kiton details, however not used for every shirt.

Collar Panel
Kiton uses a panel of Panamaweave cotton at the back underside of the collar. The panel maintains the collar's shape and keeps it from shrinking. The elegant curve is created by the seamstress, who turns the material over her knee as she sews it on.

The Mouche
This triangular piece of fabric is sewn in by hand at the bottom of the side seams. It covers up the thread ends and allows the shirt to move with the body.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Brunello Cucinelli Men 40% - 60% Off

After an amazing winter, with cashmere Brunello Cucinelli sweaters being a favorite, Spring is there.
Brunello Cucinelli cashmere sweater are still available : Brunello Cucinelli Sweater Sale. Some cotton sweaters are available too.

For Spring/ Summer, Brunello Cucinelli men's collection features cotton, linen and linen blend pocket squares, cotton/ linen blend and light wool men suits. tiny houndtooth, plaid and classic dotted designs.

 Suit Wool silk Linen Cucinelli   

Shop Brunello Cucinelli Now!

Brunello Cucinelli Sport Shirt Men - Sale


TOM FORD made the "bow tie" popular again a half decade ago, with most black mixed weave large bow ties, velvet black bows and oversized navy, black and black/ brown and black. silver designs. A few TV shows, The Oscar's later, Tom Ford's bow ties are still a hit. After last seasons mostly cashmere bow ties, this season is a mix of Mulberry silk, wool blend and even poly blend (shiny) bow ties in large and extra large.

Tom Ford bow ties were a big hit 5 years ago (when barely any significant designer had any line of bow ties in their collections). Tom Ford uses silk, wool blends, cashmere and other poly blends for their large bow ties and oversized bow ties. All Tom Ford bow ties are made in Italy.



Tom Ford bow ties of season 2013/ 2014 are "pre-tied". Not the typical when the back is stitched and impossible to undo. Tom Ford bow ties are still hand knotted, only difference is that the last 2 seasons they put a little stitch in the back (keeps the bow tie look nice), BUT you could cut it and re-tie the bow tie yourself!!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Tom Ford Men

Tom Ford gives his own twist on men's fashion. Very refreshing to see unique designs instead of many other designers whom seem to open an old box with classic designs for their "new" collection.

Tom Ford bow ties were a big hit 5 years ago (when barely any significant designer had any line of bow ties in their collections). Tom Ford uses silk, wool blends, cashmere and other poly blends for their large bow ties and oversized bow ties. All Tom Ford bow ties are made in Italy.


Tom Ford Suits and Tuxedo

Tom Ford produces very classic suits in gray/ black, many plaids, flat front pants, 2 button jackets. The base wool used for the suits looks and feels great (fancy wool). On another note the bas wool Tom Ford suit starts at $5500.

Tom Ford Suits

Tom Ford Shirts  

Tom Ford Shirt
Tom Ford Dress Shirt
The last half decade Tom Ford has reinvented the men's dress shirt with many plaid designs, high stand collar shirts for a thick knot silk tie. The Tom Ford shirt has come with a pin collar and a tab collar.

Dress Shirt
Tom Ford is a great brand when you like french cuffs as many designs are french cuff designs including spread collar and pin collar shirt, and tuxedo shirts. 

Tom Ford men dress shirts are hand made in Italy or Switzerland.

Add a Tom Ford bow tie, oversized/ large silk/ or velvet butterfly bow tie for the complete look.

Tom Ford Ties

Tom Ford silk neckties are available in many designs, mostly signature Tom Ford designs including geometric designs, dark (lots of black, purple, brown and gray), houndstooth, plaid and solids. Previous seasons (when the high stand collar was popular) the neckties were extra thick (makes thick knot). current season the Tom Ford tie is often medium/ thick, some pretty thick designs, overall less thick than 2/3 years ago. Tom Ford stays away from the classic geometric navy flower designs or classic regimental striped tie, which other brands like Borrelli and Zegna come back to for many seasons.
Tom Ford



Sunday, March 2, 2014

Bow Ties at the Oscar's 2014


86th Academy Awards

The Oscars request invited males to wear a bow tie. What do we see? Lots of black. Butterfly, a few diamond point bow ties, most silk, some velvet, some extra large self tie black bow ties. Tom Ford, Gucci and Le Noeud Papillon have several of these designs available.
THe last few years many designer came back with a bow tie collection including Fendi, Gucci and Valentino. Tom Ford got "big" with large velvet black bow ties a few years ago. The bow ties are still a bestseller.

2014 Bow TiesShowing some class means: get a self-tie bow tie. Even for the famous movie stars it is not a bad idea to get the self tie ready a couple of days in advance. Tying a bow tie is not easy, tying a bow tie to look good for several hours is nor easy at all. A self tie bow tie looks a bit imperfect but "yeah it is cool" you did it yourself, instead of somebody else stitched/closed the back (pre-tied bow tie).

View 100+ designer bow ties online - 30% - 80% off

   Bow Ties

Battisti Ties & Accessories - Bespoke Quality

Battisti Napoli

Battisti is impressive Italian brand which main focus is high end - hand made in Italy - sartorial quality neckties and men's accessories. Battisti makes a fabulous necktie with a hidden pocket in the back, mother-of-pearl button closing. The finest silks, sartorial stitching, unique finishes, a beautiful product: Battisti Napoli since 1970. Battisti also makes an amazing sevenfold tie.

Battisti Ties | Battisti Scarves


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