Sunday, February 8, 2015

Barba Napoli - Barba Sevenfold Ties

Barba is one of the few smaller sartorial brand from Napoli, which only likes to make the perfect product. All ties are sevenfold, the back shows a very high cut/ closing stitch, which makes the tie feel as a very special product.

Barba Napoli states:

"The quality of raw materials (silk and cashmere) and an accurate workmanship using handmade methods are the trademark and the key to success in the creation of Barba ties.
It’s the rigorous workmanship in cutting and sewing the tie is where you can recognize the Barba signature. All ties are hand made with sevenfolds as imposed by a long Neapolitan tradition. For this line of work, three hours are implied using a quantity of material superior to that used for a classical tie. 

Barba ties are comparable quality to Bvlgari, Borrelli, Kiton and Isaia. Latest designs for Barba ties, many very classic designs, geometric/ solid and grossgrain:

Barba Napoli Seven Folds Ties



Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Cashmere Sevenfold Ties - Ultimate Luxury

Cashmere Sevenfold Ties

cashmere ties - hand made in italy
Sartorial quality brands often specialize in the sevenfold tie. The sevenfold tie is hand folded six times, using the finest Italian silks or cashmere (blends). Due to the folds the tie become heavier and a bit thicker which generally means a fancier necktie which makes a great knot.

Barba Napoli Cashmere Ties

Barba is a pretty small sartorial brand from Napoli, all ties they produce are sevenfold ties. Their last winter collection included some cashmere ties and wool/ cashmere blend ties, mostly classic solid colors. Barba sevenfold ties also tend to be a bit thicker than a regular tie. The closing of the tie is high up (which only experienced tie makers can do, without having the tie falling apart).

Isaia Napoli Cashmere Ties

Isaia main focus is sevenfold ties, mad by hand, similar to the old Neapolitan traditions. Isaia also produces regular cut ties. Isaia keeps styles, generally speaking, very classic. Last season some very cashmere and cashmere blend sevenfold ties were in the Isaia collection: Isaia Cashmere Ties.

Luigi Borreli Cashmere Ties

The following brands from Napoli manufacture by hand the famous sevenfold tie:
Kiton (al they make, Luigi Borrelli, Isaia Napoli and a few smaller design houses.

Sevenfold ties are also available in 100% cashmere, 95% cashmere/ 5% wool and many wool/ silk and wool/ cashmere blends.
View Luigi Borrelli cashmere ties on Pinterest.

Many new styles have been added including several Hermes cashmere ties (5 fold):

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Hermes Ties

Hermes Ties

Hermes Paris
Hermes ties are one of the most popular ties around. With many signature designs, Hermes has become a collector items for many men. Hermes ties are available in many novelty designs ( dolphin, skateboard, shell), signature logo H designs and solid/ herringbone striped ties in wool, cashmere and heavy twill silk.

Hermes Ties Online: Shop Now Hermes Men | Hermes Women

Hermes ties are hand made in France. Look in the back (blade) of the tie to see an extra fold in the back. Most Italian ties have no extra fold or have several extra folds to make it a sevenfold. The Hermes tie is pretty unique with this fold. The silk vary from twill silk to heavy silks and fancy cashmeres (only used for solid designs).

Shop now online for Hermes Ties

Signature design Hermes ties:


The last season Hermes started with a variation on the signature logo on the back of the tie (influenced by), The Hermes logo tag (back loop) is still the same ' Hermes Paris' - Made in France':


Hermes Ties - Hermes Outlet - Hermes Sale - Hermes Cashmere Ties

Shop now online for Hermes Ties

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Best Bow Ties - Designer Bow Ties

Le Noeud Papillon bow ties are great choice when you look for a HOLLAND & SHERRY velvet in black/ navy or white, or a thick silk black bow tie in several shapes, made of Mogador silk. The Lenoeud Papillon bow ties were popular on the GQ men of the year event. 

Here are a few famous people wearing some popular styles and other similar fancy bow ties in velvet and silk:

Zac and Jordan Stenmark – GQ Man Of The Year

Zac and Jordan Stenmark – GQ Man Of The Year – wearing Le Noeud Papillon Velvet bow ties in black and burgundy.

Zac Jordan Stenmark – GQ Man Of The Year –  Velvet bow ties.
Zac and Jordan Stenmark – GQ Man Of The Year
wearing Le Noeud Papillon Velvet bow ties

Chris Hemsworth - THOR

Chris Hemsworth who plays THOR in the Marvel series wearing a skinny batwing bow tie by Le Noeud Papillon for a GQ Man Of The Year shoot. Black Skinny Batwing Bow Tie.

Chris Hemsworth who plays THOR in the Marvel series wearing a
skinny batwing bow tie by Le Noeud Papillon for a GQ Man Of The Year shoot

Friday, August 8, 2014

Kiton Sevenfold Ties - Summer

Kiton Napoli

Kiton just makes sevenfold ties, no regular cut ties. Designs are often available in 12-15 different colors. Kiton ties for this summer run from yellow to magenta, orange and pink. 
Kiton sevenfold ties with printed silk designs are self tipped, Kiton does not self-tip their jacquard silk woven neckties.

Read more about Barba sevenfold ties, hand made in Napoli, Italy.

Kiton ties retail at $295 + tax in the USA (August 2014)

Tom Ford Bow Ties MORE

Tom Ford

Tom Ford bow ties are hand made in Italy. Many design are black and silver, black and brown, black and gray. The bow ties are large butterfly bow ties which make a statement. Some more colorful solid magenta, turquoise and oink bows are available, also the polka dot design butterfly Tom Ford bow tie is popular. Some oversized wool blend/ shiny bow ties were in the 2013/ 2014 collection of Tom Ford.

tom ford bow ties . mulberry silk . italian silk . hand made in italy

Also view these very popular bow ties in velvet and Italian silk: Best bow ties

Monday, June 9, 2014

Ermenegildo Zegna Ties 35% - 55% Off

Brand new Ermenegildo Zegna designs, silk men's neckwear made in Italy. Lots of geometric designs, jacquard silk dotted designs and more: Ermenegildo Zegna Ties.

Some Zegna ties are reduced to just $88.96: view the reduced section on the web site for 60% off Zegna: Zegna Sale, other reduced brands are Valentino, Kiton and Luigi Borrelli.

See latest deals on men designer ties and dress shirts

zegna ties sale . ermengildo zegna online store . zegna clearance 2014